Birds of a feather….

One of the best things about our moving to Stowe is all the friends we’ve made in the community. And the really neat thing is how all the Innkeepers stick together. Many of our friends are in the same boat as us, running a small Inn, and working very hard, especially in February. We just finished a very busy and successful Presidents Week so we asked our friends Julian and Kay to join us for dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Gracie’s. Great fun, good conversation and a delicious steak special on the menu. They do a great job at Gracie’s. Then we all dropped in next door at the Arbor Inn to look into our friends Michael and Cody. We had not been able to get together since before Christmas so we had lots of catching up to do and lots of stories to share. While we hung out, the snow started again and we got another 4 or 5 inches overnight. ¬†Looks like March is going to be a great month for skiing in Stowe. ¬†Hope to see you!