The Timberholm sparks romance for Long Island couple.

Last night while we got a call from Janet and Mike from Long Island who had just checked out that morning after a 3 night stay and lots of skiing.  My immediate reaction was “what did you leave behind”?  Janet said she didn’t call about anything like that, she just wanted to share with us that after being together for 6 years, Mike popromanceped the questions while relaxing in front of the big fireplace in the great room.  Janet said their romantic weekend at the Timberholm had inspired Mike.  I’ll buy that.  Warm, comfortable great room…roaring fire in the big field stone fireplace….no surprise there.  It wasn’t the first time that has happened at the Timberholm and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  We’re just pleased that guests find our Inn romantic and relaxing.  Here’s hoping that Janet and Mike have a great life together and can come back one day and be our guests again.  Perhaps for an anniversary!  Cheers!