Here We Go… Springtime In Stowe

Spring Has Arrived in Stowe VT

This week, it’s get the Inn ready for Summer Week along with keep the Inn running Week and also Dance Recital Week, and hey! it’s Thursday of the passing of Memorial Day Weekend and my to-do list still leaves much to be desired. But, welcome to being an Innkeeper. 

June is one of my favorite months here in Vermont. It’s just warm enough where you can wear short sleeves and shorts, but there’s still that crisp chill in the air at night that makes you cozy up while hanging out by the fire pit. The restaurants haven’t quite gotten so busy, that it becomes almost impossible to get a Friday seat at Doc Ponds or The Bench (Seraphina is still able to grab her table on a nightly basis at Doc Ponds, which we always find slightly humorous). 

The Farmers Market is rocking on Sundays, and our favorite two tents tend to be @greenmountainpotstickers & @farmhousechocolates where Seraphina indulges on the best vanilla ice-cream you could eat and I usually grab a Scallion Pancake. Because a.) it makes me very happy, and b.) after enjoying a Timberholm Inn breakfast where we don’t count calories, we should then indulge in doughy, eggy, goodness because it’s Sunday. And that’s truly – the best day. 

And, with being an Innkeeper it’s my job to inform you of all the wonderful things you can do while here in Stowe during the month of June. Even with such a busy schedule, I love it up here. It’s still a new place for us and thanks to my gaggle of mom-friends, we have found so many special places to seek and explore! 

Because the weekdays tend to be a bit quiet early in the month. This is the best time to hit the trails (hiking trails that is!). The ground is drying out, the bears have gotten their food, and the kiddos are still in school. So guests and visitors can usually hike in a peaceful setting, enjoying nature and check out trails ranging from easy – Weissner Woods, moderate – Pinnacle or Sterling Pond, or a more difficult hike – Camel’s Hump about a 40 minute drive from Stowe. 

Like I mentioned – June is a great month. So, if you’re not too busy with work, and ready for that much needed mental health day, come visit. Stay a night, eat some great food, and spend your morning chatting your favorite innkeeper before the exploring starts.

See you soon.