The Best Vermont Mountain Biking

Diverse Stowe Trails for Every Rider

Stowe is the ultimate destination for mountain bikers, offering a wide range of trail types perfect for riders of all levels. From snowy fat biking and enduros through fall foliage to gnarly technical rides and smooth beginner-level trails, Stowe has it all. 

Access dozens of mountain bike trails within minutes of Timberholm Inn. Minimal drive time to trailheads around Stowe means you can spend less time in the car and more time on the trail. Once you’ve had your fill of the flow, head home to Timberholm, your cozy retreat after a thrilling day of mountain biking.

At Timberholm, we’ve got everything you need to rest and recharge before you explore your next trail. Take a restorative soak in our hot tub overlooking the mountain, then sleep soundly in one of our cozy rooms or suites. When you awaken, fuel up with the best complimentary breakfast in Vermont so you’re ready for trail triumph.


Experience Stowe, Vermont Mountain Biking

Nestled at the heart of Stowe’s vibrant trail network, Timberholm Inn offers direct access to a world of adventure on two wheels. Stowe is home to three primary trail networks: Adam’s Camp, Cady Hill Forest, and Sterling Valley. Each network boasts its unique character, offering a range of trails, breathtaking views, and diverse terrain. 

Many Stowe mountain bike trails are nestled on lands under conservation, ensuring their beauty and wilderness remain pristine for years to come. The rest are lovingly maintained by the Stowe Trails Partnership, providing access to  trails for all nature enthusiasts. 

Explore Stowe's Trails

Ready for a Road Trip to Other Vermont Mountain Biking Trails?

Want to learn more about Vermont’s mountain biking trail options outside of Stowe? Explore the Vermont Mountain Bike Association website for a wealth of information about each stunning and exciting mountain bike trail Vermont has to offer. 

Looking for a Lesson or Bike Rental?

Are you new to the sport? There’s no better place to experience your first ride than Stowe. Check out our friends at the Stowe Mountain Bike Academy for mountain bike lessons, mountain bike rentals, or both! 

Safety First, Please

At Timberholm, we care about our guests like they’re our own family. Please prioritize safety on every ride. We want you to come back from the trails exhilarated and healthy! Remember to always:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Plan your ride
  • Know current trail conditions
  • Ride within your limits
  • Pack necessities (think water, emergency tune-up kit, first aid)
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Leave no trace
  • Make sure your bike is tuned up before a ride

Please read the full Rider Responsibility Code before you hit the trails!

Bike Tune-Ups

Need a mountain bike tune-up? We recommend taking your bike to a local Stowe bike shop for expert mountain bike maintenance and repair services. Visit our friends at:

Check Trail Conditions for Stowe Mountain Biking Near Me

Use these resources to check trail conditions before your ride:

MTB Project Stowe Trail Conditions
Stowe Mtn Bike Academy Trail Conditions
VMBA Trail Conditions

Book Your Mountain Biking Adventure with Timberholm Inn

At Timberholm Inn, we are delighted to offer you a gateway to Stowe’s premier mountain biking experiences. With trails for every level and interest just minutes away, your adventure starts the moment you step outside. 

Dive into the heart of Vermont’s mountain biking paradise, where unforgettable rides are matched only by the comfort and warmth awaiting you at Timberholm Inn. Ready for your next adventure? Book your stay today!